Thursday, January 26, 2012

Musical Express, TVE

Musical Express, Televisión Española (TVE) May, 1981
this cames from a spanish TV show, Musical Express, broadcasted on may 1981 by TVE. According to this website, it was 100% actual performance, no playback or any other recordings were used. The following equipment was used: Michel Huygen: Korg PS-3200 Korg MS-20 Korg PE-1000 Polyphonic Ensemble Korg SQ-10 Sequencer Korg KP-30 Sigma Roland Space-Echo Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus Elka Rhapsody Carlos Guirao: Yamaha CS-30 Roland SH-2 Roland CSQ-600 Sequencer Roland Jupiter-4 Roland Space-Echo Pearl Syncussion Korg SQ-10 Sequencer Korg KR-55 Drum Machine (unidentified ¿String Machine? beneath SH-2)
Santi Picó & Teddy Bautista
Harald Grosskopf
Manuel Göttsching
Santi Picó
Lutz Ulbrich, Michel Huygen, Santi Picó and Teddy Bautista
Carlos Guirao
Carlos Guirao
Carlos Guirao

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